Schedule of Fees

Commercial Fees 
Assignment / Novation fee^$150.00 per agreement
Variation Fee – change(s) to Guarantor$150.00 per guarantee
Variation Fee – other changes to you agreement (incl but no limited to changes to assets)$30.00 per agreement*
Dishonour fee$25.00 per dishonour
Payment deferral over 7 days (late fee)$25.00 per late payment
Equipment Protect / Payment Protect Claim feeUp to $220.00#
Credit card Fee1% of the payment amount
Credit check fee and PPSR$25
Documentation Fee (Currently only applicable to the Secured Loan finance product)$475  $550 for private sale*^
^ You must request to assign/novate and flexicommercial may accept/reject. *flexicommercial reserves the right to charge a larger fee if the requested changes are significant. # Claim fee differs depending on industry type *^ flexicommercial reserves the right to charge a larger fee on specific deals requiring more work and will discuss this with you before agreement execution. Note: Interest on late payments – depending on the finance agreement, flexicommercial may be entitled to interest from the missed payment is due, to the day the missed payment is actually received in full.