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We are more than a provider of finance, we aim to become a partner in the growth and success of your business. Talk to us to find out the best finance solution for you.

Operating Lease

  • More suitable for low value goods or assets with short lifespan.
  • No upfront major costs, free up cashflow.
  • Flexibility to return, return and upgrade, extend or make an offer to purchase at end of term*.
  • Typically lease payments are 100% tax deductible^.

Finance Lease - "Coming Soon"

  • Suitable for leases over high value, long life assets.
  • Flexibility and options at end of term. You may be entitled to claim depreciation on the asset. The interest component of the lease payment is typically tax deductible. GST will be payable over the lease term.
  • You can expect lower monthly payments for a finance lease with a residual value than you would pay for an operating lease. Further, you can purchase the asset for the residual value at end of term.


  • Suitable for assets that have a long useful life and retain their value. Asset & liability – interest and depreciation typically claimable as a tax deduction*.
  • GST is paid upfront and you can claim GST at the start of the lease term. Ownership transfers to you after all amounts due under the lease are paid.
Machinery | flexicommercial offering asset finance solutions
flexicommercial offering asset finance solutions

Secured Loan

  • We finance your asset purchase and take security over that asset. GST can be paid upfront or financed together with the asset and you can claim GST in the period in which the asset was purchased.
  • Interest and depreciation typically claimable as a tax deduction*

^ Things you should know: the above is a high level summary of the characteristics of the various finance options we offer. This is not to be taken as financial advice or a complete summary of the specific lease rules. Please obtain your own tax and/or accounting advice. All applications for finance are subject to flexicommercial lending and credit criteria. Fees, Ts&Cs apply. Lending criteria, T&Cs apply. Product type dependant. flexicommercial contains ultimate discretion to accept or reject an offer to purchase.

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