Whether its new building fit outs, playground or technological equipment for your school, our education specialists can help you today. 

What we offer the education sector

New and used equipment

You only pay for equipment as you use it during its useful life.

Flexible payments

Make payments in monthly or quarterly schedules over an agreed term.

Acquire more equipment

Leasing can help you acquire more equipment with your existing budget allocation.

Stay up to date

Ensure an optimal learning environment by upgrading to the latest equipment at the end of your lease term.*

Tailored solutions

We can tailor leasing solutions based on the specific needs of your school.

Environmetally friendly

We recycle old technology and equipment at the end of term so they don’t make it into landfills.

*Lending criteria, T&Cs apply. Product type dependant.

What we offer businesses

Whether its new office, construction or agricultural equipment for your business, our business specialists can help you today.
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