About us

flexicommercial is a subsidiary of Flexigroup (New Zealand) Limited,
ultimately owned by hummgroup Limited (humm).

What we offer

Master Lease Agreement

Credit facilities available to allow for multiple drawdowns, without the need for additional applications.

Operating or Finance Leases

Currently we offer an operating lease, with a finance lease coming soon!

Lease To Own

Suitable to lease equipment where you prefer to own the equipment at the end of lease.

Secured Loan

Financing for all your larger value assets with longer useful life such as vehicles, plant and machinery.

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For all your leasing and asset finance needs.

We currently work with 3000+ SMEs and 2000+ schools nationwide, offering an additional funding option to your bank without the complexity.


We finance a diverse range of products

Whether it is a computer for your office, a new truck to move your products, or a new shade for your school, speak to us today. 
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